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Farmstead Commons

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Farmstead Commons is a condominium development on Base Hill Road in Keene, with 82 units. There are 74 townhouses and eight single level units, four on the first floor and four on the second floor. Each unit contains approximately 1100 square feet, two bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths, a 10 x 10 foot patio in the rear of the home with locked, heated storage space off the patio. The units are very well-insulated and feature individually-metered propane for each unit for heating, cooking, hot water and clothes dryers. Seventy of the units have carports and each unit has one assigned parking space, in addition to the carport.

Farmstead is one of only a few condominium communities where the owner of a unit may use an additional 10 x 10 foot space beyond the patio in a variety of ways including a garden, a dog run, an extended patio or fenced lawn area. Approval for such use must be obtained from the Board of Directors and the approval may be rescinded if the area is not well-kept and attractive.

The Farmstead Commons community is completely surrounded by land zoned "conservation" and the rear of each unit faces the conservation land, which provides a maximum privacy for each home.

The community has no common amenities except a basketball court and a number of walking trails located in the conservation area, but the maintenance fee is one of the lowest in the area at $162 a month for homes with carports and $158 a month for homes without carports.

The Farmstead community is well-known for it's attractive. well-cared for landscaping and many of the owners maintain private gardens throughout the are for the visual enjoyment of all who live there. 
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